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AUGUST 2022: Jeremy Porter and The Tucos along with GTG Records announce the release of their new single “Tonight Is Not the Night” b/w “DTW” on 7” limited edition opaque red vinyl! This is The Tucos’ sixth 7” single and their first release since the 3-CD career retrospective Bottled Regrets: The First Ten Years.

The songs were recorded during the Candy Coated Cannonball sessions in the winter of 2020, just before the Covid 19 pandemic shut the music industry and the rest of the world down. Both songs are previously unreleased and will be available initially only on vinyl and digitally through the accompanying download card that will be included with the record.

Jeremy Porter says "These weren’t exactly leftovers from the Candy Coated Cannonball album, but intentionally set aside for the single. The A-side, “Tonight Is Not the Night” was played live a few times leading up to the recording of that record. It’s your standard Tucos midwestern-powerpop-heartbreak song, and the B-Side, “DTW” is our twangy/honkytonk-instrumental answer to Rush’s “YYZ,” played live more often than not these days. We worked it up as the theme song for an animated series in 2019 that never got off the ground, so it needed a home!"

Tonight Is Not The Night 7"

Cover art is the painting “A Slight Change of Plans” by long-time friend Nick Walters, from Lexington, Kentucky. “Nick’s a good friend from way back, when we first went to Lexington. He’s an amazing artist, and I saw this painting and couldn’t stop staring at it. It just captures such a great image that goes along with the songs and also stays consistent with our other 7” records that all use illustrations and paintings for cover art.” Each 7” includes a hand-silkscreened insert and a download card.

The 7” will be released on September 9th, 2022 and supported on the Tucos’ Fall Tour across the eastern and southern US and Canada. Pre-orders start August 12th and will ship in advance of the release.

PRE-ORDER the 7" HERE: https://jeremyporter.ecrater.com/p/41719936/jp-the-tucos-tonight-is

JEREMY PORTER and The Tucos – 2022 Fall Tour Dates:
FRI 12 Aug - Hamtramck, MI - Hamtramck Music Fest - Baker's Streetcar
FRI 26 Aug - Lansing, MI - Avenue Café - Dual 7” release show with A Rueful Noise
THU 8 Sep - London, ON - Palasad Social Bowl
FRI 9 Sep - Montreal, QC - Barfly
SAT 10 Sep - Windsor, ON - Phog Lounge
SAT 17 Sep - Ferndale, MI - Magic Bag w/The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band
THU 22 Sep - Indianapolis, IN - Melody Inn
FRI 23 Sept - Iowa City, IA - Elray's Live & Dive
SAT 24 Sept - Wausau, WI - Polack Inn
THU 13 Oct - Cleveland, OH - Happy Dog
FRI 14 Oct - Catonsville, MD - State Fare
SAT 15 Oct - Salem, VA - Olde Salem Brewing Co
SUN 16 Oct - Raleigh, NC - The Night Rider
MON 17 Oct - Chattanooga, TN - Cherry Street Tavern
TUE 18 Oct - Atlanta, GA - The Earl
WED 19 Oct - Tuscaloosa, AL - Druid City Brewing Company
THU 20 Oct - Water Valley, MS - Hometown Pizza
FRI 21 Oct - Marion, IL - John Brown's On The Square
SAT 22 Oct - Cincinnati, OH - Fretboard Brewing Company
THU 17 Nov - Lima, OH - Live at The Lab
FRI 18 Nov - Knoxville, TN - Preservation Pub
SAT 19 Nov - Eaton, OH - Taffy's of Eaton


Jeremy Porter and The Tucos are a rock and roll band from Detroit, Michigan. They sound like guitars and whiskey, hooks and heartache, energy and passion. You'll find everything from Cheap Trick to Gram Parsons, Hüsker Dü to Uncle Tupelo, Merle Haggard to AC/DC on their turntables. The racket they make is a little bit of each. It's Detroit rock and roll, even if Detroit isn't quite ready for it.

Jeremy Porter grew up in Marquette, a small town in Michigan's upper peninsula, where he was a founding member of one of the UP's first punk bands - The Regulars. He moved to Detroit and tore through the 90s and 00s fronting bands like SlugBug, The OffRamps and Fidrych (as well as a solo stint) through 2 decades of recording and touring before forming The Tucos in 2009. Gabriel Doman (Hotwalls) and Jake Riley (Big Shoals, Jake Riley & The Social Workers) round out the trio.

  • JP & The Tucos have released four full-length LPs, five 7"s, and a slew of contributions to comps.
  • They've toured the US and Canada multiple times - playing festivals, theaters, clubs, corner bars, and coffee shops from Boston to Houston, Colorado to Montrèal, Minneapolis to Jacksonville, and all points between.
  • In 2018 they toured the UK, playing 9 shows in 9 nights, including two nights in London and a showcase at the Swansea (Wales) Fringe Festival.
  • They've become one of the go-to support acts for national acts coming through Detroit, opening for Soul Asylum, Lydia Loveless, Jesse Malin, Supersuckers, Beach Slang, Jesse Dayton, Sponge, American Aquarium, Deadstring Brothers, Two Cow Garage, Whitey Morgan, LA Witch, Tim Barry, Old Man Markley and many more.

The Tucos fourth album "Candy Coated Cannonball" is AVAILABLE NOW and the band is actively supporting it on the road.

Check out The Tucos' Wikipedia page for a more extensive bio.


Poster for 10.06.2022 - Maumee, OH  Thu Oct 6 - Maumee, OH - Village Idiot  (& The Tucos)
    Tucos 9-12pm

Poster for 10.13.2022 - Cleveland, OH  Thu Oct 13 - Cleveland, OH - Happy Dog  (& The Tucos)
    With: Duo Decibel System and Doug McKean

Poster for 10.14.2022 - Catonsville, MD  Fri Oct 14 - Catonsville, MD - State Fare  (& The Tucos)
    With: The Silverites

Poster for 10.15.2022 - Salem, VA  Sat Oct 15 - Salem, VA - Olde Salem Brewing Company  (& The Tucos)
    Tucos 6:30-9:30

Poster for 10.16.2022 - Raleigh, NC  Sun Oct 16 - Raleigh, NC - The Night Ryder  (& The Tucos)
    With: Karbuncle

Poster for 10.17.2022 - Chattanooga, TN  Mon Oct 17 - Chattanooga, TN - Cherry Street Tavern  (& The Tucos)
    With: TBD

Poster for 10.18.2022 - Atlanta, GA  Tue Oct 18 - Atlanta, GA - The Earl  (& The Tucos)
    With: Chickens and Pigs & Dysfunctionals

Poster for 10.19.2022 - Tuscaloosa, AL  Wed Oct 19 - Tuscaloosa, AL - Druid City Brewing Company  (& The Tucos)
     Tucos: 8-10PM

Poster for 10.20.2022 - Water Valley, MS  Thu Oct 20 - Water Valley, MS - Hometown Pizza  (& The Tucos)
    With: The Great Dying

Poster for 10.21.2022 - Marion, IL  Fri Oct 21 - Marion, IL - John Brown`s On the Square  (& The Tucos)
    Tucos: 9-12PM

Poster for 10.22.2022 - Cincinnati, OH  Sat Oct 22 - Cincinnati, OH - Fretboard Brewing Company  (& The Tucos)
    With: Cage Willis

   Thu Nov 17 - Lima, OH - The Lab  (& The Tucos)
    With: Palmer the Band - Early show, Tucos at 8.

   Fri Nov 18 - Knoxville, TN - Preservation Pub  (& The Tucos)
    Tucos 8-11pm, opening for Brother Smith

   Sat Nov 19 - Eaton, OH - Taffy`s of Eaton  (& The Tucos)
    With: TBD