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Jeremy Porter & The Tucos - Lonely Mrs. Claus
2017 Holiday Music Collection - 2017 (Fourth Line Records)

Jeremy Porter & The Tucos - Don't Worry, It's Not Contagious
GTG Records - 2017

Walk of Shame/Huckleberry/Don't Worry.../Avenues Are For Heroes/Consolation Prize/Torn/Don't Have To Ask Twice/Urge To Cry/Patty's Not Impressed/Worth The Wait/Somewhere New
Jeremy Porter & The Tucos - Huckleberry (+2 Live)
GTG Records - 2017

Huckleberry/Bottled Regrets (Live)/Little Miss Awesome (Live)
Jeremy Porter & The Tucos - Elimination Round (Live)
GTG100 - GTG Records Summer Compilation - 2017 (GTG Records)

Jeremy Porter & The Tucos - Conventional Wisdom
Stronger Than Fear - A Cover Compilation To Benefit the ACLU - 2017 (Fourth Line Records)

Jeremy Porter & The Tucos - Avenues Are For Heroes b/w Real Damaged Girl
2016 (LEESTA VALL Records)

Jeremy Porter & The Tucos - Barrel of Tears b/w Blue Letter
New Fortune Records - 2016

Jeremy Porter & The Tucos - Pretty As You Please
Slimtown Singles - Supporting Bob 'Slim' Dunlap - 2016

Jeremy Porter & The Tucos - Erase Today
The PRF Tribute Series - Hüsker Dü - 2016

Jeremy Porter & The Tucos - Above The Sweet Tea Line
New Fortune Records - 2015

Josh, Bottled Regrets, Elimination Round, Knocked Out Cold, Don't Call Me Darlin', Hey Kentucky, Long Story, SOunds Like Goodbye, Sleepy Eyes, Trouble In Paradise
Jeremy Porter & The Tucos - Plan B b/w Throwing Stones
New Fortune Records - 2013

Jeremy Porter & The Tucos - Partner In Crime
New Fortune Records - 2013

Castaways, Little Miss Awesome, Wedding Day, Pizza Girl , God Damn Thing, What You´re Doing Today, Still Waiting Here, Partner In Crime, Wandering Eye, Make Out King, Barely All The Time, You Owe Me A Heart
Jeremy Porter & The Tucos - Silver Bells
Suburban Sprawl Records Holiday Compilation - 2012

Jeremy Porter & The Tucos - Live @ The Plymouth Coffee Bean

Ain´t My House Anymore/My Uncle/Way It´s Been/What You´re Doing Today/Wandering Eye
Jeremy Porter & The Tucos - Christmas Dance
Suburban Sprawl Records Holiday Compilation - 2011

Jeremy Porter - Hallmark Holiday
Roadtrip Nation (PBS Series) Soundtrack

Jeremy Porter & The Tucos - Night On The Town b/w Ain't My House Anymore
2011 (Magwheel Records)

Jeremy Porter & The Tucos - No Use For Xmas
Suburban Sprawl Records Holiday Compilation - 2010

Jeremy Porter - Party of One
2010 (Magwheel Records)

Sidewalk Ends/Last Time I Saw You Happy/Not Like You're Mine/Hallmark Holiday/Dead on Your Feet/When September Passed us By/Out inside/The Turnround/Hundred Bucks
Jeremy Porter - Scarf
Suburban Sprawl Records Holiday Compilation - 2009

Jeremy Porter - Secundaer

Hallmark Holiday/Where Do We Take It From Here?/To My Grave (Demo)/Sidewalk Ends (Live)/Mother of Two (Live)
Jeremy Porter - Favorite Thing
Dead Man Fake - A Tribute to Paul Westerberg

Jeremy Porter - Først

Throwing Stones (demo)/Feeding The Flies (demo)/Moonshiner/Not Like You're Mine (live)
The OffRamps - Split The Difference
Deluxe Records - 2008

Actual Events (Based On)/Everything On A Longshot/Can't See/Take You Away/Hurry Up & Wait/Party Of One/Short Of Suicide/Thunder/Alimentar Las Moscas/Race Among The Ruins/Where Do We Take It From Here?/It'll Do For Now
The OffRamps - Hate It When You're Right
Deluxe Records - 2006

twenty3/Hallmark Holiday/Chapter Eight/Motorcade/Nothing To Get Dressed For/Don't Wanna Wait/The Offramp/Skoal Motel/Riding Fences/Impulse Buy/Abrasive Personality/Sunshine State
SlugBug - Coloring Book/Anthology
Red Eye Growler Records - 2006

Coloring Book /Shouldn't Be Gone /Tailgate /Say Whenever/Thankless/On The Dime/One Person Game/Fishnets/Shortsighted/I'm The Man/Standing On My Life/On The Dime/Incomplete Control/Where The Sidewalk Ends (Live TV)/Closer Away (Demo)/Safer Than I Knew (Demo)/Interview (Hank)/Hank's Tune (Demo)/Imaginary Friend (Demo)/Interview (First Show)/Live It Down/Wednesday Tonite/Sand Pit/No Answer/Pockets Full (Steve Mix)/Eggshells/Window Seat/Bookworm/Interview (Bad Hair Day)/Bad Hair Day/40 Days/Interview (Ruskin's Reef)/Happy Hour/Mother Of Two/Interview (Operator)/Operator/Interview (Banned From Rick's)/Values Here/Happy Hour (Live FM)/Winter (Live)/Incomplete Control (Live)/Mother OF Two (Live)/50 Percent (Demo)/Interview (Wedge)
Jeremy Porter - Uncle Disney
Hell No I Aint DBT Vol. II - A Tribute To The Drive-By Truckers - 2005

Jeremy Porter/The OffRamps - Margo And Harold/Sinkhole
Hell No I Aint DBT - A Tribute To The Drive-By Truckers - 2004

Jeremy Porter/The OffRamps - Oh, Caroline/Born To Raise Hell
AMCT5 - A Tribute To Cheap Trick - 2002 (PBG Records)

Jeremy Porter/The Regulars - Within Your Reack/Nowhere is My Home/Red Red Wine
Cover Me Impressed - The AMR Tribute to The Replacements 2002

The Regulars - Nowhere Is My Home b/w Red Red Wine

Jeremy Porter/The Memphis Ants - Moonshiner/Nothing
Don't Come Here Anymore - A Tribute To Uncle Tupelo - 2002

Jeremy Porter/Tattylark - Oh, Candy/Elo kiddies
AMCT4 - A Tribute To Cheap Trick - 2001 (PBG Records)

SlugBug - Values here
Her Head's On Fire - A Tribute To Dag Nasty - 1997 (Foolsday Records)

SlugBug - On The Dime b/w Incomplete Control
1995 (Red Eye Growler Records)

SlugBug - Up From Adirondack
1994 (Red Eye Growler Records)

No Answer/Pockets Full/Eggshells/Window Seat/Live It Down/Bookworm
SlugBug - Live It Down b/w Wednesday Tonite/SandPit
1994 (Red Eye Growler Records)

SlugBug - Strong Enough For A Man...
1992 (Smattercho Records)

Bad Hair Day/40 Days/Happy Hour/Mother Of Two
Chutes & Ladders - Truck Box ep

Chutes & Ladders - Wyandotte

(Lies) Deep Inside/Distraught/Torn Down/Throught The Day/Going Nowhere/Turnin'